Sidepact is a weekend program for employed engineers to start companies.


Sidepact 101

Sidepact recognizes starting a company is hard. Launching a startup while employed is even harder.

Sidepact connects ambitious engineers to learn from early-stage technical founders, meet investors, and find a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. The first cohort of Sidepact ran in Fall 2018 with:

  • 20+ participants from startups and major tech companies including Google, Facebook/Instagram, and Amazon (selected from 50+ applicants)

  • 14 speakers from company founders of various stages

  • Intimate networking events and dinners with venture capital firms including Sequoia Capital, August Capital, Foundation Capital, Bloomberg Beta, Baidu Ventures, and Index Ventures.

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What is Sidepact?

Starting a company isn’t always linear. Sidepact aims to be valuable for talented software engineers at all stages of exploring starting their own company.

For twelve weeks, we organize weekly sessions help you form a team, iterate on an idea, and learn from people once in your shoes on how to launch your company.

The program does not charge any fees. Participants must be located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sidepact takes an equity stake in companies formed during program upon incorporation.



weekly sessions

100 +

hours of programming


Join Sidepact

Have an ambition to ‘do your own thing?’

We believe that talented, ambitious engineers can do amazing things. If you’re based in the San Francisco Bay area, we hope you’ll consider joining us.

Details for the next cohort in 2019 are not yet finalized. Express interest below and we’ll reach out.

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