Sidepact Fall 2019

We’re excited to announce Sidepact 2019. This fall, we kick off the next iteration of Sidepact and we look forward to making the program even better this year.

Sidepact helps full-time engineers interested in starting companies.  Sidepact is an 8-week program that meets on Sundays where you’ll learn from veteran founders and work on your startup. Throughout the program you’ll ideate, talk to customers and investors, and build product. You’ll also connect with talented engineers from different backgrounds. Sidepact culminates in a demo day for investors, alums, and our community.

This year we plan to host a cohort of 20 in San Francisco and start the program with a weekend retreat.

Apply to Sidepact Fall 2019

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You can read more about Sidepact, our FAQ, previous speakers/investors/events, a speaker presentation, or the journey of a 2018 attendee.

Who should apply?

Sidepact helps you find a team and establish a shared commitment on a meaningful problem. Think of it as an extended hackathon, with the end result of bringing you to the validation and launch of your startup. For some engineers, having a basic structure with access to founders and investors goes a long way.

Sidepact is ideal for people who are ready for a life change and prepared to immediately dive in. The program length is compact and dense. Your milestones and mileage will vary, but you will have just enough time to find customers and develop an MVP.

What does it cost?

Sidepact takes a 1% equity stake in companies created during the program to ensure aligned incentives and skin in the game.

The program is transparent regarding all minor costs to cover basics such as venues and shared social events. Sidepact ensures everybody in the program can participate. Our partners have been gracious enough to donate space and food in the past and we will continue to work with our partners in 2019.

Sidepact organizers are scrappy engineers just like you and do not receive a salary from the program. Sidepact is not sponsored by investors or companies.

If this sounds like the right program for you, apply to Sidepact Fall 2019