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Sidepact is a coworking program that connects ambitious, product-minded engineers to build impactful companies.

Participants do not have to leave their full-time job, but Sidepact does expect a significant time commitment.

First cohort starts August 2018

  • Network - join and connect with other talented engineers
  • Shared commitment - become part of a team that works together for 12 weeks
  • Low opportunity cost - start a project you care about without leaving your day job.

The Program

Sidepact is looking for engineers interested in starting a company.

We find and select talented software engineers interested in starting companies. For twelve weeks, we organize weekly working sessions to help you form a team, iterate on an idea, and launch a company that solves a problem that you care about.

Sidepact doesn’t require you to quit your job, but it does require your time. Each cohort of engineers is interviewed and intelligently matched into teams based on their interests, skills, and background.

For the first several sessions, participants experiment with different teams and ideas. In the following weeks, teams work together to validate, prototype, and build the product they are looking to bring to market. At the end of the program, teams present to each other and investors.

The program charges $30/week to cover costs and participants must be located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sidepact takes a 1% equity stake in companies from companies formed during program upon incorporation.


The Schedule


Sidepact aims to take you from your desire for starting a company to a team that you trust and an idea you believe in. The program meets on Sundays from 12-6PM.

Week 1: Intro and Ideation

Week 2: Customer outreach planning

Week 3-5: Need-finding and discovery

Week 6: Midterm presentations

  • What are the problems you are looking at solving? Why do you think they are real problems?
  • What does your solution look like? Why does it solve the problem?

Week 7-11: Build, prototype, and validate your solution with prospective customers

Week 12: Final pitch and demos



Before the program

Who joins Sidepact?

  • Engineers with or without full-time jobs are invited to join Sidepact. The time commitment is Sundays 12-6PM for twelve weeks in fall 2018.

What are you looking for in a ‘product-minded engineer’?

  • We’re looking for people who want to build products that solve a real needs in the world -- people that “care about the user’s experience and business outcomes as much as the code itself” (Mokriya). If this aligns with your values, please apply, we’d love to have you.

Can I join Sidepact if I already have a full-time job?

  • Yes!  We encourage engineers with full time jobs to apply. According to California code 2870, working outside of formal work hours on non-company hardware (laptops, phones) and as long as the work does not conflict with the work at your company. 

What's the cost of joining?

  • A nonrefundable fee of  $30/week covers venues, materials, resources, and invited mentors. Sidepact also asks for 1% of companies created during the program.

Do I need my own idea to join Sidepact?

  • Not at all. We encourage people to come with an open mind and to be willing to engage with new ideas and people.

Can I bring my own idea to Sidepact?

  • Yes. We’ll match teams based on the problems you are interested in solving and encourage participants to share the problems they care about. We ask that all participants come with an open mind to other ideas and discover new problems that they find compelling. 

After the program

What is the expected commitment?

  • Sidepact meets from 12-6PM every Sunday for twelve weeks. We ask that all participants miss no more than two weekends.

How does team formation work?

  • After reviewing applications, we will have structured group interview sessions and assign teams based on complementary preferences, values, and interests.

What if I don’t like my team?

  • We will be holding regular check-ins to ensure alignment with teams to address issues as they may arise. If necessary, we will facilitate introductions to other teams.

Will you invest in companies created through Sidepact?

  • Sidepact asks for 1% of any company created during the program.




We believe that talented, ambitious engineers can do amazing things.  Having worked at companies of all sizes we've lived and shared the experience of wanting to 'eventually do my own thing.'

We believe a big part of startups is circumstance and we're inspired by our friends and mentors who have been fortunate enough to bring their ambitions to fruition. 

By providing structure, connections, and commitment, we're hoping to catalyze a new generation of startups. We hope you'll join us.



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