The Program

The first cohort of Sidepact ran from August to November 2018 and included:

  • 12 sessions with speakers and other structured programming (ideation, co-founder matching, etc)

  • Events with venture capital firms

  • Demo Day


Sessions + Speakers

Session 1 - Bruno Faviero, Co-founder of Synapse Technology Corporation

Session 2 - Jason Marks, Co-founder of

Session 3 - Stefan Groschupf, Founder and CEO of SalesHero

Session 4 - Jeevan Kalanithi, CEO of OpenSpace and Fahim Aziz, CEO of Backpack

Session 5 - Ben Jun of HVF Labs

Session 6 - Dmitry Gritskevich of Halleman Bradley and Tim Shi, Co-founder of

Session 7 - Tuan Ho, Founder and CEO of Mira Technologies

Session 8 - (no speakers)

Session 9 - Ethan Fast, Co-founder and CTO of Nex and Joe Hustein, lecturer at Stanford

Session 10 - Julia Enthoven and Eric Lu, Co-founders of Kapwing and Murray Newlands

Session 11 - Aaron Kalb, Co-founder of Alation, Ethan Sutin, CTO of Molly, Eric Regan of Gunderson Dettmer

Session 12 - Practice Demo Day



For participants interested in taking venture capital, Sidepact facilitates introductions through an event series with early stage investors.

In 2018 Sidepact organized events with investors including:

  • Bloomberg Beta

  • Baidu Ventures

  • Index Ventures

  • Foundation Capital

  • Sequoia Capital

  • August Capital

Demo Day

Sidepact culminates in a demo showcase with other early stage investors.

Demo Day for the Fall 2018 cohort was on Monday, Nov. 5.